Pallet rack

Conventional pallet racking is one of the most effective solutions for warehouses of different technical characteristics and loads. Using conventional pallet racking provides easy access to each pallet. Ideal for combined storage/order picking areas and it provides 100% direct and immediate access to all articles without load crushing.
Adjustable Pallet Racking System is designed to comply the needs, from a small warehouse to a major high-rise distribution centre.


Direct access to all articles.
Flexibility in the height and depth of the loads.
Extension is possible at any time.
Ideal for all types of forklifts.
Variable in accessories.

Mezzanine floor

Mezzanine floors take maximum advantage of the height of premises, doubling or tripling the surface area and make it serve as a storage area, a changing room, offices, etc. The installation of a mezzanine is the perfect solution to maximize the space available by taking advantage of the building’s height. Combined with a full range of accessories, such as staircases, handrails and safety gates, it lends itself to use in almost any situation: multitier flooring systems, shelving and pallet racking systems combined with flooring, etc.

The efficiency of space use can be increased up to 100% and more.
All operations with goods are done simultaneously on several levels.

Cantilever rack

Cantilever racking system is specially designed to store most types of long goods for an optimized storage solution such as metal beams, wooden boards, bars, tubes, pipes, profiles.
The system basically consists of uprights with vertical arms and one or two horizontal basements to provide an extremely strong and safe storage.
Cantilever uprights can be used as single sided or double sided designs and the rows of uprights can be any length required.

Allows long items to be stored.
Ensures limitless area.
Vertically adjustable arms allow maximum versatility.
Extendable to any length.

SILO rack

Rack Supported Building is a racking system where the construction is supported with load-bearing subracking members for the roof and wall panels.
The maximum height of Rack Supported Building is limited by local standards and lifting height of stacker cranes or forklift trucks.
The decision between a rack supported building and in house racking is often particularly significant.

Reduces overall construction cost and lead time for building occupancy.
Attractive level of space saving thanks to compact and art of design engineering.
Conventional and automated systems can be used.

Drive-in rack

Drive-in pallet racking is an optimal solution for one-type goods storage.
There are no passages between shelving that provides compact storage with maximum building density. Drive-in Rack uses the same entry and exit point for each storage bay, providing last-in/first-out access.

The shelving system allows using 80% of warehouse volume.
Its efficiency is 25 — 30% higher than that of the conventional pallet racking.
Forklifts work inside the drive-in structure.
Storage on EUR and FIN types of pallets.

Mini Rack

Mini Rack is a high rack system for warehousing a wide range of goods of small size and weight.

Perfect solution for warehouse and production facilities, garages and houses, car service stations, archives, and libraries, etc.
Maximum load on a section is up to 5 000 kg.
Manual storage of goods.
Storage of different products of small size and average weight.
Wide range of sizes.
Easy and fast installation.

S1 boltless system

The key features of the S1 product include its speed of assembly, the ease and swiftness with which shelves can be repositioned and the wide array of available standardised accessories. Its galvanised finish ensures product durability and corrosion protection.

Boltless shelving system.
33 mm upright pitch.
Excellent load bearing capacity performance.
90° corner units maximise storage capacity.
Can be used in public spaces from shops to offices.
Suitable for domestic as well as industrial use.
Modular structure available in many different dimensions.
Cost effective solution.

DIY and C&C racks

Shelving systems for C&C and DIY retail formats combine advantages of high racks and standard display shelving. Different types of goods are stored together on pallets and shelves of one shelving system.
The huge variety of special accessories provides the most effective way of goods presentation.

Integration with standard display shelving.
More space for products’ display.
Goods storage in a store’s hall.
Internal logistic optimization due to storage absence.
Saving up to 25% on the cost of display shelving.
Wide range of accessories facilitate effective goods presentation.

Sorting system

Sorting system allows to fully automate the process of sorting of various products in the warehouse.

Automation of the sorting process.
Speed of sorting is increased.

Conveying system

Easy to use.
Increased level of productivity.
High reliability.
Long service life.

Mobile storage

Pallet racking on a mobile platform is a system for storing products on racks, mounted on the moving base. The mobile platform is equipped with a motor and can move on rails, creating a passage in the desired place.

Saves space in passages and suggests additional storage space.
Increases the storage density of goods up to 40%.
Saves operating costs and electricity.
Is used for different warehouses, especially those with the limited storage area.


Storage racks are equipped with special protective elements providing safe working conditions and the safety of products. These accessories protect the racks from damage caused by handling equipment and human errors during operation and protect personnel from injuries.