Our wood industry manufacturing handles the production according to the requirements of the today’s age on computer controlled, robotized machine lines.

The combinative production features our plant as veneered technology, with MDF based production and the laminated furniture equipments, glass products, too.

For creating the high standard interior we have an interior decorator design office, which service can be used free of charge in case of order and can offer for our clients hand- and 3 D drawings and layouts.

The by us manufactured furnitures fit to the high requirements according to the EU Standards.

Accordingly our furnitures are of:

-  standardized appearance
-  ergonomic shaping
-  easy operation
-  disinfectable
-  it’s dimesion system matches to the international modul system
-  HPL finishing, postforming treatment
-  ABS closings
-  heat and chemical resistant
-  the feet are of galvanic finishing, adjustable
-  the pants are equipped with anti corrosion finishing
-  handrails are of ergonomic design, stabile fixing
-  cilinder type security locks
-  the shelf supports are of metal, anti corrosion finishing, transferable
-  alu- and glassvitrins in various forms